Chronic Acidity Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines

Chronic Acidity Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines
Chronic Acidity Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines

Chronic Acidity[GERD]

What is chronic acidity [ gastro esophageal-reflux ] ?

Chronic acidity   or   gastro-esophageal reflux disease … is chronic digestive disorder

this occurs when stomach content flows back into your food pipe [ esophagus ].

Since Stomach content are acidic in nature this irritates the lining of food pipe which causes heartburn and pain etc.

Many people experience this from time to time when these sign and symptoms occur at least twice in week or interfere with daily life you may be diagnosed with chronic acidity or GERD.

Most of the  people can manage the acidity with lifestyle changes  but some people may need  proper treatment .

In normal digestion the lower esophageal sphincter [LES] opens to allow food to pass into the stomach and closes to prevent food and acidic juices from flowing back into the esophagus Acidity or GERD occurs when LES is weak.

Cause of chronic acidity:

There are multiple causes for chronic acidity or GERD :

  • Obesity
  • Bulging of top of stomach into the diaphragm [ hiatus hernia]
  • Pregnancy and asthma
  • Smoking
  • Functional abnormality of LES or connective tissue disorder such as scleroderma.
  • Certain food and beverages like chocolates, peppermint, fried or fatty food, coffee, and alcohol may trigger heat burn.
  • Life style – eating dinner before sleep is also responsible to cause acidity.
  • Constant stress may also trigger symptoms of GERD.
  • Beta blockers and ca channel blockers for high blood pressure.

Symptoms of chronic acidity [ GERD ] :

  • Heart burn or burning pain in the chest after meals and can stay for couple of hours sometimes spreading to your throat . This is most common symptom of acidity.
  • Strong feeling that food is stuck behind the breast bone.
  • Bloating of abdomen after having meals.
  • Nausea after eating.
  • Bringing food back in mouth or throat esp. in sleep.
  • Coughing or wheezing.
  • Burping and Hiccups.
  • Difficulty in swallowing.
  • Bad breath.
  • Chronic sore throat.

Complications of chronic acidity [GERD]:

Over periods of time chronic inflammations in your esophagus can lead to complications   such as:

such as narrowing[ strictures ]  of esophagus ;  ulcers of esophagus and long term chronic acidity may cause precancerous changes in  esophagus.

Long standing acidity may also lead to asthma and cough.


  • Always follow a healthy life style and healthy eating habits which include fibers such as fresh fruits and vegetables, oats, in your diet.
  • Avoid fried- spicy and fatty food.
  • Always take your meals 2-3 hour prior to your bed time.
  • Avoid two heavy meals and break this into small meals.
  • Elevate your bed by few inches.
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Drink plenty of water and liquids such as coconut water.
  • Avoid sleeping immediately after meals.
  • Always maintain a healthy weight and include exercise in your daily routine .

Few  effective medicines for chronic acidity  are : 

Nux vomia :  this is  most wonderful medicine for chronic acidity and corresponds to many diseased condition to which a modern man is prone to.

Nux vom is useful  for glandular secretion and muscular tone of  digestive organs .

nux vom is   in persons who lead a sedentary life ,doing much mental work; or to those who remain under stress, prolonged office work and business worries.

This is given to the patient who complains of constant nausea ,water brash ,sour erructations ,bitter or metallic ; feels better if he can vomit ,wants to vomit but can not; he feels worse after taking food as there is  much heaviness  after taking food esp after taking dinner .

Headache is also accompanied with acidity .

Person craves for fatty food,alchol, stimulants .

Lycopodium :

This is very useful deep seated medicine for chronic acidity.

Patient  is always full  of gas, sour eructation ,  bad taste , hungry but eating little  creates fullness ; there is burning and acidity for hours  ; patient can’t  tolerate  fatty and heavy food such as cabbage , beans,bread  it causes flatulence  ;   fullness ,heaviness  of lower abdomen and acidity is soon after  eating meals ; acidity and indigestion is more worse in evening.

Patient craves for sweet things ,pastries,,hot food and drinks .

Carbo veg :

This is useful in most putrid form of dyspepsia and chronic acidity.

Digestion in this medicine is very slow  and imperfect ; patients complains of excessive flatulence, greatly distending the abdomen , esp upper abdomen  worse from lying down.

This is used for obstructed flatulence ,simplest food worse the suffering in  abdomen,  upper abdomen is very tender, patient cant tolerate tight clothing around waist.

Patients complains of loud erructations ; heaviness ,fullness ,and sleepiness after food .

Patients like slaty-sour things  or sweet things and dislikes meat,fatty things, milk.

China officinalis :

China is wonderful medicine for chronic acidity .

This is given to the  patients when they complains of painful distenstion of whole  abdomen after meals with bitter eructations without much relief an doffensive flatus  .   they don’t feel hungry and feel satiated all the time .

There is more acidity after taking milk ,tea and fruits  ; patients  has  always feeling as if food had stuck behind the chest .

In cases where the food does not digest , but lies for long time in stomach ,causing eructations  china is the medicine for patients .

Robinia :

This is one  of the very useful medicine to treat acute attacks of chronic acidity.

This is given in cases when taste and eructations are sour and  due to acidity there is vomiting which is so sour that it tastes the teeth on edges .

There is marked burning in stomach , heartburn which is worse on lying down esp at night .

Patients complains of  constant dull frontal  headache  which  is worse from motion and reading it  ends with sour, acid vomiting.

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