Why Healer’s Homeopathy?

Why Healer’s Homeopathy?

Why Healer’s Homeopathy?

We follow only Classical Homeopathic Approach

At Healer’s Homeopathy, our doctors are basically trained in prescribing only through Classical Homeopathic Method.

Prescribing following Classical Homeopathic Approach is very difficult, so now-a-days the new homeopaths are mostly reluctant in following this approach, rather they would prefer for some combination therapy wherein different medicines in different doses and potencies are being mixed and made some patents. These combination therapy would always suppress or palliate the disease condition, but can never cure.

Result oriented treatment:

As our doctors are having vast experience, our approach of treatment is more of result oriented. Most of our patients would be benefited with our treatment in optimum time periods.

Committed towards the patient care:

Our entire team is committed towards the patient care. Once the patient is associated with us, our team would monitor each and every patients very closely. Our doctors are basically one call away and our team would remind the next appointment. During the COVID-19 outbreak and nation-wide lockdown, we have continuously delivered medicines in different parts of Jaipur.

German-quality Medication:

We do not use the local made medication for our patients. We only use Wilmer Schwabe or Reckweg homeopathic medicine for our patients. Our medicines are packed in blisters so there is no human touch throughout the process of dispensing till the time you consume it orally.

Cutting edge Technology:

Our doctors use latest diagnostic tools for diagnosis of Hair, scalp and skin diseases. We use Video microscope for Hair and scalp analysis, with the help of which we can pin point our diagnosis regarding the Hair and scalp diseases. For differential diagnosis of different skin conditions, we use Woodslamp. For therapeutic purpose of different hair and scalp disorders, we use Low-level Laser Therapy and Electroporosis machines for rejuvenating the hair follicles.