Adenoids Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines

Adenoids Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines
Adenoids Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines


What are adenoids ?

The adenoids are a mass of lymph tissue behind the nasal cavity. Like lymph nodes, adenoids are part of the immune system .

you can see tonsils with open mouth. But you cannot see they hang at the back of the nasal cavity.

Adenoids form an important part of the defense mechanism in children. They perform a key role in fighting infections. But they become less important once a child gets older and the body develops other ways to fight germs. Adenoids shrink naturally once a child reaches 5 years of age and tend to disappear altogether by the time the child becomes a teenager.


Since adenoids are constantly in the path of germs (micro-organisms), infections are common. Infected adenoids swell, which can reduce the airflow through the nose.

Symptoms of infected adenoids include:

  • Mouth breathing
  • snoring
  • talking with a ‘blocked nose’ sound
  • stuffy nose
  • sleep apnea
  • the inability to pronounce certain consonants, including ‘m’ and ‘n’
  • elongated face
  • elevated nostrils


Homeopathy has got wonderful medicines for enlarged adenoids.

These medicines are based on patients current symptoms which not only helps in prevention of relapse of the disease condition but also helps in preventing the surgery [adenoidectomy].

Few effective medicines for adenoids in homeopathy :

 Calcerea carb : this is one of the useful medicines for adenoids in children. This is given to the child  who is physically flabby but not strong  and he generally has  puffy face  and swelling of the nose and upper lip.

Calc carb child  frequently complains of loss of smell and taste with offensive odour from nose ; there is also  nasal obstruction  with offensive nasal discharge . this child will always have dry and ulcerated nose .

Baryta carb:

This is great remedy for adenoids in children .

This is used when child breaths through mouth due to nasal obstruction and  There is puffiness of face with swelling of upper lip ; on examination there will be always scabs around nasal wings.

This also one of the important medicines  when Hearing will be impaired due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids.

Sambucus :

Sambucus is  wonderful medicine for nasal onstruction in children due  to adenoids and  the child has to breath through mouth .

This is also known remedy for   snuffles in babies which prevents sleep. 

Snaguinarium nitricum:

Sang nit is given to the child who always complains of  nasal obstruction with profuse watery mucus. And post nasal discharge which is dislodged with difficulty.

There is always dryness and burning inside of the nostrils .

San nit can also cure the  soreness and rawness in posterior part of throat.

Agraphis nutans:

Agraphis cures the nasal obstruction due to adenoids   and  proper use of this medicine can avoid the surgery .

This is given to the child when his hearing is impaired and child breaths  with mouth open.

This medicine acts on the glands connected with the nasal cavity.

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