Renal Stone or Nephrolithiasis Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines

Renal Stone or Nephrolithiasis Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines
Renal Stone or Nephrolithiasis Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines

Renal Stone or Nephrolithiasis

What is kidney stones ?

Kidney stones  are crystals  formed within the kidney or urinary tract which includes kidney ,ureter ,bladder  and urethra  . kidney stones form when there is decrease in urine volume or an excess of stone forming substances in the urine .

Most of the kidney stones pass on their own through the ureter to the bladder .

It is more common in males and it is seen that diet ,lifestyle ,obesity and environmental factors are closely linked to increase  the kidney stones cases .

calcium oxalate are the most common type of kidney stone .


Kidney stones occur when the normal balance of water ,salt ,minerals and other substances found in the urine are altered that is how the stones are formed .

  • Family history of kidney stones can increase your risk .
  • Dehydration
  • Obesity
  • High protein , salt and glucose diet .
  • Hyper parathyroid condition.
  • Certain medical condition like gout and hypercalciuria may form stone.
  • Certain medication such as diuretics  and calcium based antacids .


There  will be no symptoms until the stone grows in size or  begins to move down the kidney and ureters .  symptoms  of stones start progressing when stone start developing in size [ more than 3 mm]  and start travelling downwards in the  urinary tract causing obstruction  when they are located at  urter ,bladder ,or  junction of both  .

  • You may have severe pain  on  sides of your back or abdomen  or entire front  and pain may radiate to groin area
  • Nausea and vomiting  during or after pain.
  • Frequent need to urinate .
  • Burning urination .
  • Presence of Blood or pus in urine .
  • Foul smelling urine .
  • Urinating small amount of urine .

 Complication of kidney stone :

some times when stones pass from ureter …as ureter are small and delicate the stones may be too large to pass down the ureter ..this can cause spasm and irritation of ureters as they pass which causes blood  in the urine .

some times stones block the flow of the urine …this is called urinary obstruction …urinary obstruction may lead to kidney infection  and kidney damage  .


  • Follow active and healthy life style .
  • Drink  2-3 liters of  water a day   .
  • Drink tender coconut water and orange juice it prevents formation and growth of stone .
  • Take barley and water melon as both are diuretic.
  • Avoid Taking  soya beans  ,beet roots ,  beans ,green  leafy vegetables, brinjal  ,tomato seeds , nuts  as they are rich in  stone forming oxlates[for people who are prone for stone formation ]
  • Avoid taking tea ,chocolate, and coke, excess daity products  as they are rich in oxlates .

Few effective medicines for kidney stone are :

 Cantharis :

This medicine  works best   in cases of kidney stones when there is intense cutting burning  pain while passing the urine and burning may also persist even after urination.

This medicine sets the most violent inflammation of urinary tract due to stones .

In  kidney stone cases when urine is scanty, unsatisfactory  with cutting and burning pain with some blood  cantharis should be considered .

Patients syas  that Kidney stone is better by putting  pressure on glans penis .

Pareira brava :

This is one of the best medicine for kidney stone for the left sided urinary tract.

This medicine is known for its wonderful results in reducing the violent pain in kidney which radiate down the thighs during urination.

p.brava  is given when  there  is  constant urge to urinate and patient has to get on knees and floor to pass the urine ; urine contains thick,stringy white mucus or red sand.

Berberis vulgaris :

This medicine is king of  all the medicines   given to remove kidney stone .

This has got esp affinity for the left sided kidney stones.

This is given to the patients who complains stitching,  cutting  ,burning pain from kidney to ureter to urinary bladder with burning and soreness in the kidney region ; patient may feel pain in thigh and hips on urinating .

Urine is generally thick,red or yellow in nature .

Lyco podium :

This is  one of the top most medicine to cure the right sided kidney stones.

This is more suited to the patients with high living ,sedentary life style ,lots of routine  travelling .

Lyco is given to the patients when they complains about violent  pain right sided kidney ..ureter and bladder ..this pain subsides after passing the urine ;  as per patients  urine is slow in coming and they have to   strain a lot to pass urine .

Urine may be thick or milky .

Along with kidney stone patients may often have high acidity and flatulence  esp in  the evening hrs.

Sarsaparilla  officinalis :

This is  great medicine for right sided kidney stone .

This medicine is given when there is extreme burning  pain at the close of urination …and patient has to just scream during urination.

In most of the cases there is scanty urine with  red sand the urine which is visible on   underclothes .

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