Acne Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines

Acne Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines
Acne Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines


What is acne ?

Acne  is common chronic  skin disease of  teenagers  and young generation. Most of patient with  acne are aged between 12  to 30 yrs.

acne usually affects face ,upper back and chest.

Acne occurs due to hormonal changes in puberty  . acnes are formed due to excess circulating androgens   which leads to enlargement and hypersecretion of  sebaceous glands

[oil glands ]androgen hormones on the sebaceous gland [oil gland] these glands become over active and enlarged   which  secrete more sebum[oil] excess sebum and dead cells block the oil  gland  this blocked oil gland is creates perfect environment for bacteria which results in pimples or acne with redness ,swelling and pus formation.

Causes of acne :

  • Hormonal changes : acnes in teenagers starts due to high level of androgens . hormonal changes during pregnancy  may be another cause of acne .
  • Acne can be also caused by starting and stopping the  contraceptive pills .
  • Heredity :  tendency to develop acne can be inherited from the parents .

Symptoms of acne :

Symptoms includes  scaly redness, swelling,pusformation,pigmentation, from long lasted acne,Pain and itching ,blackhead,whitehead over the affected areas.

Types of acne:

Acne can be of many types like   papular,pustular cystic, nodular,ulcerative.

Complications  of acne:

Chronic  and untreated acnes can lead to pigmenattaion ,scarring and facial disfigurement.

Since acne can not be hidden it can lead to social inhibition , depression .inferiority complex in youngsters.

Self care tips of acne

  • Avoid too much of washing and scrubbing of affected areas.
  • Always clean the face with lukewarm water too much hot or cold water can increase irriation of the skin.
  • Never pinch or touch the acnes which not only spread the infection but can be responsible for pigmentation.
  • Always use the natural products for skin and avoid too much of cosmetics.
  • Eat healthy food,fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of

Medicines For acne:

Few  Effective  homeopathic medicaiontion for acne are

  1. Sulphur—sulphur is most often indicated remedy in case of acne and especially if acnes are chronic in nature ; it is indicated when skin is rough and hard and associated with comedeons and constipation; where skin gets more worse after washing the affected area.
  2. Sulphur is more indicated when acnes are  found on forhead,nose.
  3. Kali brom—this remedy is useful for acnes in  young boys and girls  and acnes which comes  as result of masturbation ;  it acts best  when acne are  present on neck,shoulder and face ;this remedy is given when acnes are small,hard  or with pus formation. And acnes which leaves bluish-red scars. This is given to females when acnes are more worse during menses. Kali brom is also given to patients to correct the disfigurement of face due to acnes.
  4. Calcarea sulphurica – this is indicated when pimples  are suppurating or pus formation and pimples produces yellow ,thick lumpy discharge.
  5. Hepar sulph—this remedy works on nerves and connective tissue so indicated in extemely painful pimples and when there  pus formation ;acnes in youth  which  bleeds easily  used  in cases where   skin sweats  profusely .
  6. Silicea- silicea works on hard , indurated ,slow healing popular  acnes  with pus helps the  organism to reabsorb fibrotic  condition and scar tissue. Silicea is given when pustular acnes are  found more on the cheeks.

Few effective medicines for ADHD ARE:

Tarantula :  tarenula is given to the most restless child   a child who can not sit even for few minutes on a place or  to do  his studies  .  tarantula child will have  sudden mood swings  and they have destructive impulses as they always   break things even their most favourite toys;they  don’t want to sit at place they will keep moving round the place even from their teachers complains that they are always running or moving in their classroom. And they are never satisfied  they are always demanding for new things .they generally don’t like company of other children.

Calcerea phos:   calc phos is given to the child who is like vagabond doesn’t want to stay at home wants to go here and there. And they are friendly in nature make lots of  friends.   the child is very inquisitive … This Child  is lean thin and  emaciated   with very poor memory  and hates  to do mental effort   and very sluggish  for mental works  esp  hates maths calculations. . More then doing homeworks they are involved in sports activity at school.

 Cal phos  child will generally give history of enlarged tonsils and  frequent colds


this child always  loves changes doesn’t like montonus things in any form like will hate to read one subject or one game at time  he will jump on other things at the same time .Tuberculinum child has desire to use foul language ;curse and swear. They are very irritable by nature and wants to fight on smallest things ; in anger they can throw things at any one .

this child will love to do the things forbidden by parents .

they are also lean and thin physically though their appetite is good.

They also give history of frequent cold and cough.

They always complains of tiredness .


This child is also restless and unable to concentrate on things especially mental works ; he has so weak memory that cant even remember names , words; cannot finish sentences and  they have habit of repeating things again and again. They weeps easily and feels better after weeping.

This child always wants to do things in hurried way.

They are very rude and and cruel by nature like have habit of torturing the animals .

Every thing startles them easily.

They have habit of bed wetting , and nail biting out of nervousness .

They have great craving for ice –creams .

Phosphorus :

This is suited to the child who is slender and grown too rapidly and has got attractive personality.  This child is expressive and friendly  in nature .

He is also restless by nature he can not stand or sit still for a moment .

His mind is overactive with full of wild thoughts .

Phosphorus child  is very talkactive and make lots of friends .

Phosphorus child  trembles easily from the slightest cause.

This  child is very loving caring and affectionate by nature .

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