Alopecia Areata Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines

Alopecia Areata Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines
Alopecia Areata Disease and His Homeopathy Medicines

Alopecia Areata

What is alopecia areata ?

Alopecia areata is an auto immune disease of hair  that causes hair  to fall  out in small patches …..  in this disease  immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicle and damage them which can lead to hair loss .

Scalp and beard area is most commonly affected area . it affects both genders .

In most of the cases hair falls out in small and round patches in some cases hair loss is extensive and can lead to total loss of hair from scalp [alopecia totalis ] and in more sevre cases it can lead to complete  hair loss from scalp,face and body [alopecia universalis ]

In few cases regrowth  of hair may also occur but chances of hair fall  is always possible.

 Causes of alopecia areata :

  • Family history : if there is family history of autoimmune disease your chances of getting alopecia areata is higher than others.
  • Constant emotional stress .
  • Previous illness like typhoid , tuberculosis ,malaria .
  • Excessive usage of chemicals over scalp and hair like …straightening ,dying,perming can lead to damage of hair follicle.
  • Any infection or disease of scalp like LPP can also lead to alopecia areata.
  • Certain medication like chemotherapeutic medicines

 Symptoms :

  • Alopecia areata initially starts with single small patch and can spread to whole scalp in multiple patches .
  • while there are new patches formation  some old patches can show new hair growth.
  • In advance cases alopecia areata can lead to total scalp hair loss to total  body hair loss.
  • Other clinical sign include ‘’ exclamation mark “in this format some short hair grow narrower at the bottom grow in and around the edges of the bald spots.


  • You may have permanent hair loss if you have family history of same condition , or any other autoimmune disease or allergy, if disease starts at young age .
  • Alopecia areata can also lead to Total body hair loss .
  • This disease can also lead to poor self confidence , and depression .

Dos and donts of alopecia areata :                                 

  • Avoid harsh chemicals like dyes, or
  • Avoid excessive use of hair dryer .
  • Avoid the stress and stressful surroundings .
  • Start meditation and practice yoga to avoid daily stress.
  • Always take nutritious diet which is full of  minerals and antioxidants .
  • Never ignore early symptoms start the treatment earlt to get good results.

Effective medicines for alopecia areata  are:

  1. Natrum mur – this medicine is given when hair fall is more during nursing period and also when hair fall is seen in children. Hair falls out easily i.e. while touching and combing  baldness  is more  visible over  forhead ,temple and beard  ;Scalp and face of the patient  is excessive oily and sweaty  ; there is  sticky dandruff which is also called seborrhea which makes the hair root vulnerable to fall  and  most important when there is past  history of continuous stress ,grief in patients life . nat mur given when hair fall  is more visible   around  the forhead .
  2. Phosphorus- this medicine is given when there are bald round patches on head, which are completely deprived of hair ; scalp is  dry and scaly.   When Hair comes out in bunches ; roots of hair get  dry and gray and there is escessive  dandruff  which falls easily in these symptoms  phosphorus  works wonderfully. Phos is given when hair fall  or bald patches are  more around or behind ears  ;forhead  and occiput  . Phos is great medicine for hair fall in infants. This is given when patients complains of handfuls with hair .
  3. Phosphoric acid—when hair fall is excessive due to general debility or weakness and continuous long term stress this medicine gives good result. Hair of the young persons turn grey .
  4. Acid flour — this medicine is given when there are small bald patches without any hair And new hair  is dry and breaks off easily. When there is profuse ,offensive  sweating.
  5. Sepia –sepia is wonder full remedy in alopecia areata especially when bald patches comes in climacteric  period in females  or  after delievery or parturition. This remedy works more effectively on nervous or hysterical females.

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